Administrative Management

  • Receive and investigate significant complaints regarding rule violations; send “Notices of Non-Compliance” as required.
  • Assist the Client in the procurement of insurance coverage.
  • Assist the Client with the Annual Membership Meeting, including mailing of standard required documents.
  • When requested by Client, will attend Board meetings and one Membership meeting per year and provide input during such meeting.
  • Maintain an Owners Roster and all other official HOA records in accordance with Florida Statutes.
  • Respond to owners request for copies of HOA records, financial reports, and other pertinent HOA information

Property Management

  • Assist Client in obtaining up to three competitive bids for non-emergency services; provide input in selection of contractors and in developing contract specifications.
  • Request relevant licenses & certificates of insurance from each contractor.
  • Direct contractors providing recurring services and monitor specific contractor performance to ensure substantial compliance with contract specifications.
  • Perform on-site inspections in order to maintain a satisfactory knowledge of the condition of the property and performance of the Client’s contractors.
  • Receive service requests for repairs or maintenance of common property.
  • Advise Client of major problems or trends in maintenance service requests.

Financial Management

  • Invoice assessments and deposit all cash receipts in the Client’s bank account maintained at an FDIC insured banking institution.
  • Reconcile bank statements monthly.
  • Assist in the development and preparation of the annual operating budget.
  • Mail homeowners the approved budget, if requested by the Board of Directors.
  • Perform accounting and bookkeeping functions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals & Florida Statutes.
  • Prepare and maintain accounting records necessary to produce monthly Financial Reports.
  • Prepare and submit to Client a monthly financial summary of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Receive, review and approve vendor invoices and other bills; prepare checks for payment and subsequent mailing.
  • Maintain a record of homeowners dues and receipts; provide the Client with a monthly delinquency listing.
  • Assist the Client’s legal counsel, as necessary, to initiate required legal action consistent with the Association’s By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.